How to Remove the Labels and the Lies that Locked Heaven’s Gate and Hid the Key

Heaven on Earth becomes reality once you know how to access it.  The ancient initiates saw Heaven on Earth as normal.  Anything less than paradise was an error to be corrected.  But that information was lost.  This book will put you on the express train back to Eden where you will fulfill your heart’s desires, live free of mental and emotional anguish, and express your unique gifts and talents. 

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Now I must share this very cool and funny thing with you.  I recently sold these books at a body, mind, and spirit expo.  One woman came up to me and said, “Unlocking Heaven’s Gate, I don’t want that; that was the name of that suicide cult.”  I was kind of shocked.  I’ll be honest, that never occurred to me--I had totally forgotten about them.  But I realized that it might be quite bothersome to others, and I wondered why I would be drawn to such a name (because the name felt inspired from the very beginning as did every word within this little book).  I just let it go.  I trusted that I had done what was right even if it didn’t look that way.  I needed to walk my own talk. 

So I was preparing for a talk on Egypt and came across a Cayce reading.  He said that there were seven stages of life on planet earth.  The last three caught my eye.  They were the crucifixion, the crown (related to the crown chakra), and the final stage was the gate--in fact, many said it was heaven’s gate.  It was the stage where you finally reentered heaven on earth.  Now I knew why I was inspired to give this book this name.  And I understood completely its purpose.  Those who fear the name are not ready to pass through that gate.  And those that thought they could do it by dying and riding a comet to heaven had some beliefs that needed clearing.    I guess they thought they were taking a shortcut.  But, they still have the other stages to complete.  If you are here, then you clearly are ready to walk through heaven’s gate.  Welcome home!


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                     Unlocking Heaven’s Gate

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